Is Carpet Flooring Right For You?

Carpeting can be a great addition to your home, adding warmth and softness to most rooms. But is carpet flooring really the right choice for you?

The benefits:

Carpet is usually one of the more budget-friendly options available, and can often be installed without a lot of downtime. Depending on the depth and style, it can also go a long way toward keeping heating bills low in the winter months by holding heat collected during the day and helping the house feel warmer. Carpet also provides a softer surface which may not only be comfortable but also a bit safer for homes with older residents.

The drawbacks:

While carpet is often easier on the budget initially, cleaning and repair can start to add up. If you have small children or large animals, then carpet may not be the ideal choice for you as it is very susceptible to tears and staining. Deep cleaning can remove most of these marks but it can be costly depending on the size of the house. Pips or tears should also be carefully patched to avoid further damage.

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