Choose the Best Shower Tile For Your Bathroom

There are a variety of factors that will determine what kind of shower tiles will best suit your bathroom. Not only will the tiles you choose have to be approved for both floor and wall use in wet areas, but they must also mesh well with the overall design of the room, and be able to reach 95 percent adherence with thin-set in order to avoid popping off the wall. Smaller tiles, like mosaic tiles, often have problems with this, while larger tiles may have an unacceptable slip-rating and not be considered safe.

Thankfully, tiles like these are relatively easy to find in well-stocked showrooms or hardware stores. But once you’ve eliminated all the tile types that simply won’t work, how do you choose the best fit for your project?Design
Start from the ground up with basic questions. How big is the shower? Could you use the tile to make a feature wall? Will there be places to sit? Should the design be sleek or detail-heavy?

This should always be a consideration, especially if you’re aging in place or life with elderly family members. Smaller tiles on the floor will provide better traction than a solid slab, while smooth benches in the shower area will further reduce the risk of falls.

Finally, consider cleaning and maintenance. The fewer grout lines you have, the quicker and easier cleaning will be, making showers with large tiles or slabs a strong choice for young families or those with small children.

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