Five Advantages of Having Berber Carpet

Carpet has become a standard type of flooring in most homes and businesses, but different types have different advantages. Today, we wanted to take about the advantages of Berber carpet.

  1. The money you’ll spend on Berber carpet will not break your bank
    Berber carpet is less expensive to make. At some point in the manufacturing process, most carpets have a looped construction. Berber carpet stays this way, while others go on to have the tops of the loops cut off – an extra step that adds to the overall cost. The uncut loops of a Berber carpet save you money.

  2. Berber carpets look better with your room design.
    Traditionally, Berber carpets have been lighter colors with flecks of darker color added throughout. Now, it comes in multicolor and pattern options. These colors and patterns give you more options for designing spaces in your home. Also, its looped construction means you can vacuum your carpet without visible tracks.

  3. Berber carpets are more comfortable.
    In addition to disguising vacuum tracks, the looped construction of Berber carpet makes it much more comfortable. Letting your children sit on the floor to play (or sitting on it yourself) is a much less painful experience.

  4. Berber carpets are (generally) stain and spill resistant.
    The same looped construction that makes Berber carpet comfortable (and less expensive) also make it more likely to resist stains because spills have a harder time soaking through. Not to worry too much if it does stain, though, because most of the color options for Berber are good at disguising the types of stains that do occur.

  5. Berber carpets are much more durable.
    The Berber carpet’s looped construction also makes it stronger and last longer. This makes it a great option for carpet in high-traffic areas.

If you are looking for Berber carpet (or other flooring options) in Carrollton or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today. We would love to help you out!