When you choose hardwood flooring, you automatically select timeless beauty, excellent performance, and one of the most extended lifespans in the flooring industry. But, of course, you'll love the increased home value resulting from these benefits too.

The more you know about these floors, the better they'll serve you when you choose the right products. Here are four valuable benefits that make a choice more straightforward than ever.

1. Enjoy a long lifespan

One of the first things you'll learn about when you shop for hardwood is the extensive lifespan that can exceed 100 years in most wood floors. A combination of durability, professional installation, and regular care brings out the most extended lifespan.

2. Customization is easy

Wood floors are easy to customize with your choice of species, stain color, texture, and installation layout. In addition, you can choose features like board grade, width, and prefinished or site-finished products.

3. Increased home value

You can expect the value of your home to go up, even if wood flooring is only installed in a single room. If you’re planning to sell, ask your realtor how much the addition of hardwood flooring could add to your sale price.

4. Refinish instead of replacing

When wear starts to show on most floors, you can expect to replace them entirely. But with wood flooring, you'll only need to refinish them, as long as there's enough wood thickness.

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