Get Your House on The Market with Tile Flooring

  1. Tile looks more expensive than it is.

    Whenever you see a home without carpet, whether the floors are laminate wood paneling or ceramic tile, it automatically looks nicer. Part of this is because it’s easy to make tile clean and gleaming in a way that even new carpet can’t beat, and part of this is because most homes come with carpet to start with so tile floors are a sign of renovation. But tile prices aren’t too far removed from carpet prices across the same tiers of quality, so don’t let the pricy appearance stop you from considering it.

  2. Tile is better for rentals.

    If you want to start in the rental market instead of just selling your home, then you need renovations that both make your home look more marketable and are easier to clean or repair between tenants. Carpeting almost always has to be replaced before a new tenant moves in, but tiles just need a quick cleaning. In the unlikely event a tenant manages to crack or stain a tile, it’s also easy to pry the tile out and replace it with a new one.