Wood floors are a wonderful addition to any home, instantly adding warmth and character, but not all wood floors are created equal. Whatever flooring you choose, it will come with its own pros and cons. So what is engineered hardwood and what advantages does it have over natural hardwood?

Engineered wood floors are constructed from layers of high-quality white wood or plywood topped with a veneer of the desired wood. The thicker this veneer is, the more expensive the flooring is likely to be since a thick veneer means the floor can be refinished if it’s ever scratched or otherwise damaged. Even with a fairly thick veneer, engineered hardwood planks are often cheaper and considered more sustainable than natural hardwood, especially if you’re considering a more exotic flooring option, such as Rosewood.

While no wood floors are going to tolerate standing water too well, engineered hardwood is generally slightly more resistant to moisture damage then its real wood counterparts. Engineered hardwood planks will hold up much like how planks of the wood veneer that covers them will, so make sure to understand the kind of things your individual floor is capable of standing up to.

Once engineered hardwood is installed, it’s almost impossible to distinguish it from natural hardwood floors. It can be installed almost anywhere in a home and since the planks are available with between three and twelve layers under the top veneer, they can be matched to the heights of other flooring, eliminating the need for transition strips between rooms.

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