Oak floors lend instant warmth and character to any home. Oak is available in a variety of tones and finishes, making it easy to find a stunning floor which compliments your design style. High-quality, well-maintained oak floors will not only last for years, but will also help to increase the monetary value of your home.


Oak floors are among the most durable of hardwood flooring options, capable of standing up to higher-that-average wear and tear. White oak contains high concentrations of tannic acid, making it highly resistant to bugs and fungi. White oak is also virtually impervious to water damage. Red oak is slightly softer than white, but both varieties are notably dense and resistant to splitting or cracking, while providing high shock absorption.

Ease of Installation

Oak floors can be installed in a number of ways depending on price and what will work best for the environment it will be used in. Floors can be nailed, glued, or screwed down easily by a professional installer.


Oak reacts well to finishing treatments such as staining, giving you a wide range of color options beyond your initial choices. This customizability will help you make sure that your flooring matches well with the rest of your design and creates a space that feels warm, characteristic, and inviting. Regardless of the color you choose, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful, long-lasting floor.

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