If you have hardwood flooring, you have the potential for squeaky floors. It's easy to let this issue continue because it doesn't seem to cause any problems, but what causes it?

Squeaking can indicate underlying problems, so learning more about the issue is always essential. Here are some facts that can help you make the best of this situation.

It could be a subfloor issue

A subfloor makes up the surface beneath your hardwood and is often the culprit behind squeaking. The noise is caused by a subfloor board moving against a nail in your hardwood flooring.

It could also be caused by boards that aren't nailed right, which could mean we need to add extra nails or screws. If these issues don’t fix the problem, we’ll check the cross braces next, as they could be touching one another.

How to stop the squeaking to get back to normal

The proper repairs are the answer to any noise coming from your wood flooring. The extent of those repairs depends on the type of problem you’re having.

Once we professionally assess the situation, we can fix the noise and restore your wood floors to their proper functionality. And we'll ensure you have all the details, so you know what to expect from start to finish.

If you have more questions about your floor's noise, contact us with all the information. We'll ensure you have the answers you want and need for results that matter.

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