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What Should You Look for When Choosing Wood Laminate Flooring?

Not all flooring is equal, even once you’ve decided on a specific type. Make sure you have a list of factors ready to look for, whether you’re just concerned about the final product or if you’re going to be installing it yourself.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Wood Laminate Flooring?

Is it easy to repair or replace?

Wood laminate flooring is easier to maintain than hardwood and it can stand up better to damage, but after the course of a few years, you might see a few tiles that have too much damage to ignore. Look for brands that offer easy repairs or replacements so you don’t have to take the entire floor apart. Floating floors that click into place often can’t be dismantled and reassembled around a broken plank, and the same is true for most adhesive floating floors. Laminate planks that stick directly on the floor are easier to pry away and replace, but they also come with their own set of challenges.

How does the flooring make the room sound?

Thicker boards dampen sound, and thin adhesive laminate planks can have almost as much echo as bare concrete. Look into the flooring types that make your final list and see if they dampen sound on their own or if they need a specific underlayer.

Can water damage them?

Real wood can be sealed against water damage, but that seal wears away and is often why people decide on laminate flooring instead. But not all types can stand up to actual spills instead of just moisture. Pick the flooring based on the hardest spot in your house.

No matter what your constraints or specifications are, First US Floors has the right flooring for you. Go to our site and selections here to get started.

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The Perks of Engineered Wood Flooring

Did you know that engineered wood flooring has certain perks that solid hardwood cannot offer? Would you like to? Well, that’s the topic of our post today and we hope that you’re able to glean from it.

The Perks of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors can be installed anywhere in any room of your home. Not only does it make a good choice for basement areas, where solid wood can never be placed, but the process is faster and less burdensome than solid wood installation.

Engineered wood floors are also a little more resistant to water than solid wood floors are. Since their top layer is real wood, there is still a certain amount of care and maintenance involved. However, the core and backing layers are not real wood and can therefore take a bit more abuse than real wood can.

Engineered Wood Can Be Refinished

One of the main perks to solid hardwood floors is that they can be refinished several times in their lifetime. Well, engineered wood can be refinished as well! The only difference is, with engineered hardwood, only the top layer (underneath the protective wear layer) is real wood.

For this reason, an engineered floor can only be refinished once or twice before it will need to be replaced. While not as hardy as solid wood, it will certainly last longer than some other materials.

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For more information on whether or not engineered wood floors are right for your home,  please contact us at your convenience. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for all your needs.

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Gorgeous Carpeting that Looks Great in Any Home

Today’s carpeting, which comes in a higher quality than in the past, is quite durable and stain-resistant, making it a perfect choice for any home. Many advantages and options exist for carpeting that will fit in perfectly with your family and lifestyle.

Gorgeous Carpeting that Looks Great in Any Home

Advantage of Carpeting

  • provides a soft cushion for kids to play on and safety if they fall
  • helps pets feel more sure-footed when romping through the house
  • supplies warmth to everyone’s feet when the weather turns cold
  • reduces noise throughout the rooms of your home

The Best Colors for Your Home

– For contemporary decor, where you want to maintain a sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with neutral-colored carpeting. Beige is always a beautiful choice. For something a little more modern, light or medium gray will look fabulous.

– For homes with traditional decor, you can create an elegant look with a color in a darker shade. Forest green provides a rich-looking tone to rooms. A dark red adds a royal appearance to a home. A cobalt blue looks fabulous against dark furniture and light walls.

– For an eclectic look, you can mix and match carpet colors. Select one color for common areas and then choose different colors for each bedroom. Stay with the same pattern and texture of carpeting for all of the rooms to create the best flow.

Contact us today for more information about carpeting for your home. First US Floors is a locally owned company, and we offer a range of residential and commercial flooring options.

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Three Reasons To Love Solid Wood Flooring

Love is a splendor type thing. As it turns out, so is solid wood flooring. While there are many things we could say about hardwood flooring, we have narrowed it down to three that we feel very strongly about. And we hope you do too!

Three Reasons To Love Solid Wood Flooring

  • Differing Species: Solid wood comes in a large variety of species such as oak, cherry, hickory, birch, bamboo and many more. Some species are domestic, hailing from the United States, and some are exotic, coming from areas all over the world. Each species has its own unique characteristics meaning you will probably prefer one or two over all the rest.
  • Long Life Span: If you are looking into having solid hardwood floors installed in your home, it will likely be the last flooring ever to be put down. The fact is, with proper care and maintenance, solid hardwood floors can last for many decades. Some hardwood floors have been known to last a hundred years or more.
  • Refinishing Options: One of the main reasons that solid hardwood lasts so long is that it can easily be refinished. Depending on the thickness of the wood, this can be done seven or eight times before the need for replacement comes up (which probably won’t happen while you own your home). Proper maintenance is the key to a long life span, but refinishing them can give them back a like-new appearance.

If you would like more information about solid hardwood as a flooring option, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why Do Level Subfloors Matter, and What Is Considered ‘Level’?

Bamboo flooring is made out of interlocking boards that float on top of an under layer, or vapor barrier, that acts as a cushioning layer between your bamboo boards and the previously existing concrete, tile, or wood flooring. This thin foam pad can sometimes correct for slight imperfections and dips in the existing floor in order to stabilize your bamboo, but on its own, it can’t correct for large patches of unevenness.

Having a level surface for your bamboo floor is essential in order to not put undue pressure on the tongue and groove connection points; if these edges are floating over uneven flooring dips, the grooves can crack over time and the boards will crack with them. Or, if your existing floor has humps where the surface rises, the connecting edges can start to slip apart and fully separate.

When you’re putting down your underlayer, carefully measure the subfloor to ensure that there are no sharp dips or humps and that the floor is flat to within 3/16″ over a ten-foot radius. This is the maximum of flatness deviation recommended for long-lasting floors, and you should pay particular care when measuring near high-traffic areas for patches that come close to that limit. If you do find imperfections and uneven points, they will need to be prepared prior to installing the bamboo floor.

Go to First US Floors for more installation tips and a wide selection of bamboo flooring. Our experts can measure your floors for an accurate estimate and find the best styles for your home’s color palette.

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Waterproof Flooring and LVT Facts You Simply Must See

After the recent storms and flood damage suffered by many homeowners, we thought it best to tell you a little bit about the importance of waterproof flooring. While some flooring materials claim water resistance, waterproof flooring is another thing entirely. Because of this, it just makes more sense to go with waterproof flooring in the first place.

Waterproof Flooring and LVT Facts You Simply Must See

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, has become incredibly popular on the flooring market. Vinyl was once thought to be a cheap flooring option, often coming in rolls of mass-produced product. However, these days, the manufacturing process is different, as is the end result!

LVT can very closely mimic all natural materials such as solid hardwood and natural stone. This design layer is then covered with a protective top coat that adds years to the overall lifespan of the flooring. Often, it will protect against scuffs, scrapes, scratches and dents even better than the real thing.

Waterproof Means Waterproof

As we mentioned earlier, there is a stark difference between water resistance and a flooring that is 100% waterproof. Water resistance means that you can take some time to clean up that spill before it soaks into the layers beneath.

A waterproof flooring, however, guards against any and all water damage. Spills, moisture and even standing water will not harm a waterproof floor. This is primarily due to the unique core material used, as it is a  plastic composite that will not take on water.

Furthermore, the backing layer of this flooring is made of a plastic or cork material that not only repels water, but is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and mildew.

Contact Us Today

For more information on waterproof flooring, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free in-home estimate at your convenience and we can tell you about our specials as well.

We look forward to serving you!

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring – A New Way to Think About Vinyl

Traditionally, many people thought vinyl flooring was a great choice for basic rooms such as a utility or laundry room, or perhaps an out-of-the-way powder room.  Actually, vinyl flooring has come a long way since the days when it came in large, rolled-up sheets and used in an area in the house that was more about basic function than style and beauty.  Today’s new vinyl plank flooring is an entirely different story.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - A New Way to Think About Vinyl

Is it Wood or Vinyl?

Traditionally those that loved the look of wood flooring essentially had two choices.  They could either go with real wood flooring and its higher cost or laminate flooring — less expensive, but prone to nicks, dings and buckling spots from moisture.

Today, Waterproof Flooring/ LVT planking comes in all types of colors and offers a stunning representation of what can happen when flooring manufacturers marry the beauty of wood flooring with the versatility and resiliency of vinyl.  Vinyl plank flooring looks even more like real wood than laminate and offers some additional attractive qualities.  Vinyl plank flooring has a softer “give” to it, making it great to walk on and easier on the joints.  Vinyl plank also resists moisture, making it ideal for areas prone to humidity such as kitchens, master baths and even master bedrooms where humidity from adjacent bath areas can creep in and create issues from mildew.

Vinyl Plank Flooring vs. Tile

Tile is another traditional flooring that homeowners often selected for high traffic areas they wanted to clean easily.  However, tile offers a very hard surface to walk on and it is both expensive to install and remove.  Vinyl plank flooring is also available in a stone look that mimics beautiful textures like marble, slate and quartz.  With vinyl stone, homeowners can still get the easy clean features of tile without all the potential for tile breakage.  Plus, vinyl stone planking provides a warmer, more comfortable surface to walk on than hard tile.

Want to know more about the exciting new features of vinyl plank flooring?  Contact us.

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Why Choose Shaw Carpeting?

There are several advantages to choosing carpeting for your home, whether you want to help cut your energy bills in the winter, hold the noise level down a little, or add an extra layer of protection against falls for young children or elderly family members. But not all carpets are created equal. Here are a few reasons why so many people are choosing Shaw carpeting for their homes.

Why Choose Shaw Carpeting?

Shaw carpeting comes with a flexible, wrinkle-preventing backing called SoftBac which offers customers a greater-strength adhesive backing, less visible seams, better flexibility and insulation during cold weather, and better sound absorption. It’s a favorite of both customers and installers alike as the backing’s high flexibility and fleecy texture not only minimizes seams but also helps prevent scratching, scuffing and other damage to walls and baseboards during installation.

If you share your home with large animals or small children, then Shaw’s LifeGuard waterproof carpet and R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System may be just the time- and money-saver you need. Not only does the waterproofing help to guard against damage and staining, but the resistance system offers you more time to react to a spill, as well as boasting a combination of fibers that are designed with total coverage and guaranteed to hold up even after repeated cleaning and treatments.

All in all, between the resistance to staining and soil and the soft, strong backing, Shaw carpeting offers a great cross-section of comfort and durability which is a great addition to any home.

If you’re in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Dallas, Lewisville, or the surrounding areas and are looking for the finest flooring products at the most affordable prices, we’d love to see you stop by our showroom. Come in to see our range of flooring and countertop options in person, or just give us a call at First US Floors to get the process started.

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Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring

One of the major draws of hardwood flooring is how diverse your options are. No matter what your aesthetic, you’re sure to find a hardwood that suits it perfectly. Is wide plank flooring the best choice for your home? Here are five benefits of wide plank flooring that may help you make your decision.

Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring

1. Cost

While wide plank flooring can certainly take a chunk out of your budget depending on the options you choose, it is available in both natural hardwood and in the lower-cost engineered hardwood, meaning that is can be a very cost-effective choice, especially on larger projects.

2. Durability

If you’re considering a wide plank engineered hardwood, then your floor will have the advantage of being highly water-resistant. The lower number of seams between the boards also helps keep the floor water-tight. Engineered wide plank flooring stands up well to everyday wear and tear and can even be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Time

Due to the width of each plank being larger than average, the installation time is sometimes dramatically reduced, meaning you’ll have to spend less time living in a construction zone or walking on subfloor while the boards are installed.

4. Variety

The term ‘wide plank flooring’ refers to any hardwood plank over 3 inches in width, which means that you project won’t be limited by the style, type of wood, color, composition, or finish you choose.

5. Aesthetic

Having many breaks in flooring can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is. Wide plank flooring can help make a small space feel large and inviting.

If you’re in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Dallas, Lewisville, or the surrounding areas and think wide plank flooring might be the right choice for your home, come visit our showroom or contact us at First US Floors today!

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Why Should I Install Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is a popular choice for flooring through the house, and is especially common in bathroom remodels. Porcelain outshines ceramic tile by being the denser, harder, and less porous option, which makes it less susceptible to water damage and staining. Porcelain tile can even be used with underfloor heating.

Why Should I Install Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain also offers a high degree of versatility, making it easier to find a cut and finish that works well with your established design. Tiles can mimic granite, limestone, and even leather without the extra cost and upkeep. There are two main types of porcelain tiles to choose from: glazed and through-bodied.

Through-bodied porcelain tiles are strong and durable, making them a great choice for walls, floors, and counter tops. As the name implies, the colors run throughout a through-bodied tile which helps to disguise any chips or scratches that may occur over time. through-bodied tiles also have no glaze coating which can be worn off over the years. Glazed tiles are covered with a hard wear layer. This finish can be colored in a variety of ways, making glazed tiles the best option for customization.

Whatever your design aesthetic, you’re sure to find a durable, long-lasting porcelain tile that suits it perfectly. The possibilities are endless when you choose high-quality porcelain tiles for your next project.

If you live in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Dallas, Lewisville, or the surrounding areas and think porcelain tile would be the perfect addition to your home, come visit our showroom or contact us at First US Floors today!