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2 Reasons Why Travertine is the Ideal Texas Flooring

Stone is one of the best flooring materials available. Not only does it stand up well against the test of time with minimal wear and tear, it’s meant for walking. Whether you have muddy boots, high heels, or feet in socks, it works for both your front room and spare bedrooms, as well as everywhere in between. Here are two reasons why you should consider travertine floors when it’s time to replace your current flooring.

2 Reasons Why Travertine is the Ideal Texas Flooring

Travertine is a long-term flooring that matches any future renovations.

Some floors only work with certain styles and color choices. The bright blue carpeting of the 1980s can’t integrate with most modern styles, and hardwood’s stain can clash with your furniture and home decor. But travertine tile has a softer, neutral color palette that blends in with any look without being boring. You can choose from a selection of tiles ranging from off-white to tan or gray, and you can even find tiles with a light gradient that includes all three colors. Earthy stone matches everything so you don’t have to worry you chose the wrong flooring a couple of years down the line or restrict your future style.

Natural stone tiles can help cool down a room and warm it up at night.

Temperature control is always a major factor in Texas homes. The summers can be broiling and winter has occasional flash freezes and cold rainstorms. But you can use your home’s materials to help moderate the temperature. Travertine has just the right thermal mass, or ability to store heat, so it stays cool during the day and helps keep the air a bit cooler, too. The heat it absorbs from sunny windows and the ambient temperature also helps regulate its temperature at night so it’s not an icy shock. Go to First US Flooring to find travertine tiles in the right gradient and size for your home.

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Let’s Talk About Travertine Tile

Travertine is a popular natural stone flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms, and even whole-home flooring. It’s a gorgeously colored sedimentary rock formed by carbonate materials found in surface and ground waters. As a result, travertine is easy to cut and manipulate to fit small areas, making it a favorite to work with among builders.

Let's Talk About Travertine Tile

Aesthetically, travertine can be used to add a touch of warmth to any home. There aren’t many people who dislike looking for travertine tile. The stone is available in a variety of colors and finishes so matching the flooring to the rest of your style should be no trouble at all.

Since no two travertine tiles are the same, you won’t have to worry about tracking down the set or lot number in the event that one of them gets broken. This makes replacing broken tiles much easier since it eliminates the headache of finding just the right one to match the others.

It’s worth noting that travertine is a very porous stone and that makes it prone to staining if spills are not addressed quickly. It does not get along well with acidic things like soda, juice, and certain cleaners either. Travertine is also on the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to natural stone flooring, but for many, the benefits of this beautiful stone far outweigh the drawbacks.

Think travertine will make an excellent addition to your home? Contact us at First US Floors today, or stop by our showroom to get the process started!