If you’re looking for a dependable flooring company that does impeccable work at a fair price, then you have no need to look any further! First US Floors is a locally owned flooring company that puts product quality and customer service far above the bottom dollar. Each and every project that we take on is seen as an opportunity to serve our community by adding both property value and beauty to your home or business.

We do not minimalize our inventory down to just one type of material, nor do we strictly work with any certain size square footage. By offering a wide range of residential and commercial flooring options, we are able to successfully meet the needs of a large variety of customers. If you’re only looking to remodel one room at a time, then we can help you piece together the right choice for the purpose you have in mind. We also work with a lot of home or business owners that are looking to add flooring to their entire property at once. Regardless of what type of project you have in mind, First US Floors has it covered.

Our products include the popular smooth and engineered hardwood, suitable for practically every room of your home. Another popular choice among customers is laminate wood flooring because of both its beauty and price tag. We carry carpeting options that fit every need that you may have. We work with both porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as Luxury Vinyl Tiles. In addition, we also work with natural stones such as travertine, marble, slate, and granite.

For every customer that we work with, we offer complete service, including installation of your flooring purchase. All of our installations are performed by one of our talented flooring crews who have the technical experience of working with a wide array of materials and resources. If you have a tight space or tricky corner, that is no obstacle for our seasoned experts. In addition to our professional and trustworthy work ethic, each of our product installations is backed by our warranty.

At First US Floors we are committed to providing the best professional advice for our flooring service and installation. We do not believe the cheapest option is always the best option because we have the value of your property in mind.

Choosing a flooring material should definitely be treated as a big decision because said material will receive a tremendous amount of wear and tear through the years. You will want your choice of flooring to stand strong against the wear rather than need to be replaced again just a short time down the road.

We will provide you with all the pertinent information regarding quality, price and suitability before you make any purchase. At First US Floors, we understand that you are most interested in value, and we promise to give you the best value possible for your hard earned money. Contact us today, and we will schedule your free in-home estimate!