How to make hardwood flooring work for you

Even the mention of hardwood flooring brings to mind some of the most elegant and classical floor coverings from many generations. There’s just something about this material that speaks volumes about not only the home it's installed in but also the homeowners that live there. At the same time, it is durable, functional, and provides enjoyment for many years to come, with a lifespan that can easily reach 100 years if properly maintained and cared for. There’s no reason you can’t make hardwood flooring work for you too, and we’ll be happy to assist you along the way.

First US Floors proudly serves the communities of The Colony, Flower Mound, Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Dallas, Lewisville, and Coppell, all from our Carrolton, TX showroom. We are committed to providing a complete flooring experience for each of our customers, including professional advice in choosing the perfect material as well as installation and other services that can be so important as your flooring ages. Our prices are fair and the size of your flooring project is never an issue, as we work will all project levels. Be sure and visit us today to get your own flooring experience underway.

Hardwood flooring and you

Tailoring your hardwood flooring to suit your specific needs is very important. You’ll need to make some decisions based on your specific household composition as well as what you expect your floors to look like. The good news is that some of these options serve dual purposes. For instance, you’ll need to pick a species that serves the activity levels of your home, with harder woods necessary for busier homes. The species also offers hues, graining patterns, and designs that can complement your interior decor as well, making it both functional and highly decorative all at the same time.

When choosing a finish for your floors, you might first think about the classic high-gloss finish that has always been a popular choice among homeowners. However, other finishes such as vintage, distressed, or wire brushed, can work well to hide signs of wear and tear, leaving you with a stunning look for much longer.

Once wear and tear does become an issue, however, you’ll want to schedule a hardwood refinishing. This process strips away decades of abuse and regular wear to reveal a new layer of wood which can be refinished to perfection. If you prefer, changes in stain color and finish type can also be made at this time.

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A warm and welcoming appearance

Beautiful hardwood flooring brings a warm and welcoming appearance to any and every room of your home in a way that little else can. They simply blanket every square inch with a charm that speaks volumes.

At First US Floors, we recognize this beauty and charm and enjoy working with our many customers who go the hardwood route. Our showroom carries a very large selection of hardwood options, sure to capture the heart of every single customer who glances that direction. Once you have seen a flooring product that meshes well with the theme and style of your home, it is difficult to envision anything else for that space. That is why we see so many people go in this direction. The variability of hardwood flooring stretches across an endless number of colors and designs, a perfect fit for every different stylistic preference in the book.

Engineered hardwood flooring brands

Choose from many various options in color, species and design. Hand scraped, distressed, wire-brushed, and smooth are among some of the most popular options that we see amidst our customers. There are those that will use the same type of finish in every single room of their homes, as well as those that will differentiate various rooms.

What looks best in the kitchen may not be what you prefer for your foyer. The warmer tones for your bedroom may not be the same vibe that you have in mind for the ever popular family room. Just as every person is different, so is their stylistic preference when it comes to hardwood flooring.

We also install solid wood and can cater to your specific taste of finish, whether it be hand scraped or smooth. Our technicians will also allow you to pick the stain color of your choosing to be placed on your solid floors. In theory, you can be your own designer with only a few expert suggestions made along the way. The beauty of hardwood flooring is that it has stood the test of time and proven to be a popular and effective choice of flooring for centuries. Therefore, you know you are investing in a product that will last when you choose to purchase new hardwood flooring.

Whether you are going for a look that is timeless and traditional or fresh and contemporary, we have the right fit for you. We are experts at installing hardwood floors, and you can rest assured that, with our help, you will have the best looking hardwood floors in the neighborhood. We would be glad to come to your home in Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Dallas, Lewisville, and surrounding areas and measure your floors to give you an estimate. Our team will meet with you and go over all of the options to decide what color or material will work best in your home!