It doesn't require much to keep your waterproof vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl in top shape. Although the two have different waterproof capabilities, they're both vinyl, making cleaning the same. Read along to learn more about cleaning luxury vinyl flooring.

Just sweep regularly

Sweep your floors every day. Dirt and sand are sharp and can scratch the floors.

Get into corners and under appliances and cabinets.

If the floor becomes pitted (when the dirt embeds), drip some cleaner into the area, let it stand for a few minutes, and wipe. Re-apply if needed.

About mopping

The general rule is to mop the bathroom floor once a week; the kitchen floor gets mopped every other week, whether it's luxury vinyl flooring or other waterproof floors. But, of course, you might change the schedule depending on your circumstances.

Use a damp, well-rung mop with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid abrasive tools and cleaners, as well as waxy, shine-promoting ones. They damage the finish and dull the floors. For more shine, seek advice from a flooring expert.

One of the best cleaners comes right from your pantry! Use one cup of white vinegar to one-gallon warm water.

Vinegar is a disinfectant that won't leave any film or residue. It's also acidic enough to break up dirt but not so much so that it damages the vinyl plank flooring, LVT, or waterproof floors.

Other luxury vinyl flooring benefits

1.Style with true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile. The floors have depth dimensions and textured looks.
2.Waterproof capabilities. Luxury vinyl flooring can be submerged or spilled on for many hours without damage.

Waterproof floors have technologically advanced cores (WPC, SPC) that never peel or ripple. So, it doesn't matter how much water there is or how long it's been standing.

3.Durability. Both are thick with a transparent melamine wear layer. This wear layer protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents.

4.Easy installation, especially when installed to float

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