There are many reasons to want wood floors. Style is paramount; they have a natural beauty that adds warmth and charm to a room.

Hardwood flooring is classic and timeless, so they never go out of style. Here are four upcoming trends.

Trend #1: herringbone patterns

Did you know that herringbone was the original parquet pattern back in the 70s? It was trending hot then, got quiet for a while, and is back big time.

This unique pattern resembles the structure of a fish. You can either get the design embedded in the plank–or have the installer arrange the planks in this layout.

Trend #2: random width arrangements

Here, hardwood flooring layouts are created by using three different plank widths. This arrangement, which started in the mid-1800s, creates unique designs and can make a room look larger.

The most common uses are a group of 3, 5, and 7 inches wide. It's common, though, to see different sizes.

Trend # 3: light and darkest dark colors

Blond, caramel, white, and honey/copper floors are big. Interior designers love them because they coordinate so easily.

You'll love them because they hide scuffs, scratches, and dust.

Dark colors are sophisticated and dramatic. They can also make a stunning design statement.

When shopping for hardwood flooring in Carrollton, TX, check out our solid and engineered wood inventory. You'll see products such as Casa Mia by Bella Cera or Beachside Villa by TecWood Plus (Mohawk). Both are available in light and dark colors.

Trend #4: American made

This is an extension of the trend to buy locally. This pertains to species and everything in the manufacturing process, including adhesives and machinery.

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