When choosing new hardwood or laminate flooring, it is challenging to find something that is classic enough to stand the test of time and yet trendy enough to feel like an update. Enter hand scraped wood! Authentic hand scraped floors were the norm before the popularization of modern milling techniques. For hundreds of years, a long blade was drawn across the surface of a log to create floorboards. The results were unique, custom floors that showed evidence of craftsmanship. And until electric sanding tools became common, warped or uneven planks were repaired and leveled in place, by hand. Over time, these traditional techniques and repairs produced a floor with history and style.

Then uniformity took over. For over 50 years, seamless parquets, prefinished bleached woods, and two-inch boards were coveted. Distressed flooring was considered an eyesore. But now the market has opened up. Buyers can choose from a variety of dark or light woods, thin or wide planks, and styles that range from contemporary and grain-free to the unique, variegated appeal of hand scraped artisan flooring.

Without the cost, maintenance, or true imperfections of classically hand scraped floors, new options provide homeowners with the look of a historic home without the upkeep. Buyers can choose a manufactured hardwood with a hand scraped finish to achieve that old world texture. Quality woods with hand scraped finishes are affordable and suit many interiors. There are even wood laminates available that effectively mimic the hand scraped style while providing a lightly textured, non-slip surface. Perfect for pool houses and finished basements; don’t overlook laminates!

The possibilities are almost limitless. Visit a quality showroom and talk with an experienced salesperson about your needs. First US Floors can help. Contact us to ask about our hand scraped options.