What Are the Best Rental Flooring Choices?

Every rental market is a little bit different. Rentals in upscale suburbs need different hardware and renovation materials than a duplex in a lower income region, and different physical locations often have their own separate trends. That’s why it is important to make a plan ahead of time to ensure your rental business has as much standardization and efficiency as possible. Most successful rental property investors try to keep all of the details identical within different housing profiles, and they keep them identical to the last drop of paint color. Do the same when choosing the best rental flooring option available.

What should you look for when choosing your rental flooring?

You either want something that’s built to last or cheap to replace. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of rental homes with both tile floors and carpeting. Tile lasts a very long time and only needs a good scrub between tenants. However, the grout gets dim eventually and, depending on the style of the tiles, they can age the house and make it less attractive to prospective tenants. Carpets need to be replaced between tenants to get rid of stains, smells, and possible pest problems if you had messy tenants or a pet owner; however, carpeting is easy to replace and keep fresh with the latest color trends.

But neither of these materials are a perfect balance of utilitarian and fashionable. If you want flooring that you can use across as wide of a rental market as possible, look into laminate wood flooring. Laminate wood flooring is becoming more and more trendy across houses in every tier of the income spectrum, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of fading away. Manufacturers are getting better and better at creating realistic-looking planks that are so easy to install you won’t even need a contractor unless you’re pressed for time.

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