Hardwood flooring is a great way to add a touch of warmth and classic elegance to any room in your home, but does choosing hand scraped wood flooring over the more commonly seen machine-finished planks really make that much of a difference?

Hand scraped wood floors are given a human touch before being packaged, shipped, bought, and installed. While standard hardwood flooring planks are machine finished and often carry a repeating wood grain pattern which can result in a slightly watery, wavy look, hand scraped planks are exactly that – hand scraped by an artisan to create a unique and minimally distressed look for each floor produced. This manner of flooring, with its scratched, uneven look, was very common in the pre-Industrial Revolution era, but is now considered the exception, not the rule.

While the difference between hand scraped and more standard wood flooring is primarily aesthetic, it’s still well worth taking into consideration when designing a room. Adding a hand scraped floor can give a room a sense of rustic charm with its durable, antique appearance. That said, the cost of hand scraped flooring can be quite steep due to the skill involved in producing each board. The installation process can also be a bit trickier with a custom floor, so a professional installer is usually a must.

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